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Québec 2022

1 Museum Of Bad Art 2022
MOBA (Boston, États-Unis)Discover
2 Myth and Evidence (2017)
Mathieu Valade (Chicoutimi, Québec) Discover
3 An Uprising of Sorts (2022)
Collectif Bélanger-Sacy (Québec, Québec / Quebec City, Quebec) Discover
4 Vestes de sauvetage, 2022
Ai Weiwei (Beijing, Chine/China) Discover
5 #hopeandhealingcanada (2021-2022)
Tracey-Mae Chambers (Hamilton, Ontario) Discover
6 Traces of our Spaces (2022)
Sarah Thibault and the high school students of Quebec City’s Vanier neighbourhood (Quebec City, Quebec)Discover
7 An Adaptive Moment (2021)
Nicole Banowetz (Denver, Colorado)Discover
8 Namas Pamus (2022)
Gaspard Combes (Arles, France)Discover
9 Still Not My Story (2008-2022)
Vincent Olinet (Paris, France) Discover
10 Hope 2.0 (2022)
Sébastien Giguère (Quebec City, Quebec)Discover
12 Our Slightly Augmented Reality (2022)
Julia Duranleau et Marie-Pier Lachance (Québec, Québec / Quebec City, Quebec)Discover
13 ARENA (2017)
Benoît Maubrey (Berlin, Allemagne)Discover
14 Territories 2.0 (2021)
Olivier Roberge (Montréal, Québec)Discover
15 Forbidden Games (2022)
Eva Clouard (Paris, France)Discover

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