Lulling Time gently transports us into a childlike universe. Audience members sit on rocking chairs with built-in speakers listening to lullabies recorded by volunteers in a nearby camper van/studio. The result is a deeply meditative experience drifting off to the rhythm of soothing songs: a relationship-building, participative installation that helps preserve and transmit precious snippets of our collective heritage and emotional memories.

Berceurs du temps (Montreal/Germany)

By creating poetic spaces to accommodate poignant moments of sharing and being together in community, Berceurs du temps’ hybrid form combines performance, sound, visual, and scenic art practices around their interest in the human voice as a vehicle for cultivating relationships. Founded in 2016 by choreographer Sarah Dell’Ava and playwright Ilya Krouglikov, the company makes participatory, intergenerational, and inclusive projects that bring art to people.


Sarah Dell’Ava, Ilya Krouglikov, Wolfram Sander ( concept and creation), Marie-Reine Corvellec, Cara Roy, Marijoe Foucher, Kerwin Barrington, Annabelle Chouinard, Mathieu Gagnon-Lauzon, Marie Mougeolle (public outreach), Claire Perryman-Holt, Nathan Giroux (ssond), Conseil des arts de Montréal, Goethe‐Institut, Centre d’art DARE‐DARE, Les Escales improbables de Montréal, Entente de développement culturel entre la ville de Québec et le gouvernement du Québec, SODEC


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