An astronaut (in fact the artist concealed by her space suit), moves in slow motion through the urban landscape, as if probing the unexplored territory of an unknown planet she must examine in detail. Her movements suggest weightlessness, her extreme slowness contrasts with the frenzy of the city around her. This astonishing cosmonaut has a message for us: Slow down! We too can rediscover our curiosity about the world around us.

Elisabetta Consonni (Italy)

With a background in both dance and performance art, Elisabetta Consonni takes action in public and social space. Her choreography involves human and inhuman beings, mobile and immobile objects. She has performed in numerous festivals, events and theatrical programs in Italy, Poland, and Sweden, among others.


Patrizia Drera (costume), Diego Bianchi (visuals), Coopérative du quartier Petit Champlain


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