Like the works of art along the route, the performing arts infiltrate the urban space to cultivate the strange, the unexpected, and the hard-to-believe, walking the line between real and imaginary, true and false. As you wander down the street, something in a square, a shop, or a house catches your eye. Something is happening! Is it everyday life or a staged performance? Watch as surprise gives way to disbelief, questioning, and just plain fun.

Les embuscades is the title of this bold, innovative project conceived by EXMURO arts publics and presented by the City of Québec, in collaboration with Premier Acte theatre, under the joint direction of Vincent Roy, General and Artistic Director of EXMURO, and Marc Gourdeau, General and Artistic Director of Premier Acte.

Théâtre Kata (theatre) – Le CRue (danse)- FLIP Fabrique (circus) -l’Orchestre d’hommes-orchestres (arts multis) – District 7 Production (music).


Les embuscades brings together close to 30 Quebec City artists performing 25 original numbers in five disciplines: multi-arts, circus, dance, music, and theatre. A discordant biking brass band, a lost tourist, and a man sunbathing in parking lots are just a few of the unforgettable personalities taking to the streets.


L’orchestre d’hommes-orchestres (ODHO)

Original concept and performance: Gabrielle Bouthillier, Danya Ortmann, Bruno Bouchard, Jasmin Cloutier, Simon Elmaleh, Lyne Goulet, Jean-Marie Alexandre, Benoît Fortier
ODHO is a freewheeling collective of artist and musicians that formed in Quebec City in 2002. From an unclassifiable space straddling multiple disciplines, ODHO operates like a perpetual motion machine producing performative musical experiences, and has created fifteen works for the stage or the street. ODHO’s creations have been presented in twenty different countries on three continents. Its unique manner of drawing attention to the invisible threads binding life and art led to its winning the Glenn Gould Foundation’s Protégé Prize in 2013.
The Orchestre d’hommes-orchestres is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and the City of Québec.

FLIP Fabrique

FLIP Fabrique (Circus)

Show design: Francis Julien
Performers: Fabien Cortes, Damien Descloux, Adèle Saint-Martin, and Francis Julien

FLIP Fabrique is a contemporary circus company based in Quebec City known for such shows as Féria, Crépuscule and Six°. Born in 2011 from the friendships and dreams of emerging circus artists, the troupe has risen to worldwide prominence with crowd-pleasing shows that combine breathtaking performances with authentic poetry. This troupe of world-class circus performers creates contemporary circus shows with a remarkable ability to entertain and move crowds. It has presented large-scale outdoor shows in Quebec City every summer since 2015, and tours the world performing with leading circus organizations and festivals.

Le CRue

Le CRue (danse)

Show design: Amélie Gagnon and Julia-Maude Cloutier
Performers: Sarah Pisica, Angélique Amyott, Audrée Foucher, Maxime Boutet, Victoria Côté, Amélie Gagnon, and Julia-Maude Cloutier
Le CRue is a contemporary dance collective founded in 2014. In a move to democratize the arts, they perform in situ, multidisciplinary works in which spectators are responsible for their experience of the work – the “rue,” or street, in their name. They also seek out the physical stakes in the creation process, to develop content that is accessible, open, and anchored in lived experience buttressed by a rigorous creative process – the “Cru”, or raw, part of their name. Le CRue favours a horizontal creation process that yields theatre marked by the personality and imagination of their collaborators. Their mandate is to make dance accessible to as many people as possible.

Nicky Gee_District7Production_Les embuscades_PASSAGES INSOLITES

District 7 Production (musique

Musical Director: Karl-Emmanuel Picard, President of District 7 Production and co-owner of the Anti Bar & Spectacles
Performers: Jay Jay and Nicky Gee.
District 7 is a Quebec City production company that holds concerts at L’Anti as well as L’Impérial, La Capitole, Palais Montcalm, and the Grand Théâtre de Québec, for a total of over 250 concerts annually in venues across the province.

Théâtre Kata_Les embuscades_PASSAGES INSOLITES

Théâtre Kata (théâtre)

Show design: Olivier Arteau and Lucie M. Constantineau
Performers: Thomas Royer, Pierre-Olivier Roussel, Ines Syrine Azaiez, Laurence Gagnée Fregeau, Lauréanne, and Myriam Lenfesty

The work of Théâtre Kata explores human fragility through the body–mind dichotomy. In a post-factual world, it takes movement to be a vector of truth greater than words. The theatre’s work is marked by a taste for excess manifest in hyperabundance of images and diabolical rhythms, and built around an uncompromising creative processes that uses self-mockery to question our every certainty.

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