Renowned speakers involved in each of these initiatives will take the floor to reflect on unusual art in public space. By opening our horizons, these conferences will provide new perspectives on the event while participating in making art more accessible to all.  

Virtual talks broadcast live on Facebook 

Open to all: art lovers, professionals, and students


« MOBA 101: Introduction to the Museum of Bad Art »

Wednesday, September 22nd 2021 – 12 PM to 1 PM
(conference in english)

Michael Frank, Curator at the MOBA and Louise Reilly Sacco, Director at the MOBA.

The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) collects, exhibits and celebrates art that is “too bad to be ignored.” Its Curator Michael Frank and its Director Louise Reilly Sacco tell us the story of this extraordinary institution, while sharing their symbolic interpretations and stylistic analyses of works imbued with a charming aesthetic awkwardness.

Faire la ville avec les artistes

« Bringing the City Into Play »

Wednesday, September 29th 2021 – 12 PM to 1 PM (This conference is in French)

Sonia Lavadinho, Urban Anthropologist, Founder of the Bfluid Cabinet, and Pascal Le Brun-Cordier, Cultural Urbanist and Artistic Director, Manager of the “Projets culturels dans l’Espace Public” Masters program at the Sorbonne Art School in Paris

As part of a France-Quebec exchange partnership and in continuity with the cycle “Faire la ville avec les artistes”, Pascal Le Brun-Cordier and Sonia Lavadinho will tell us how our cities can be brought into play, by ibringing together artoists and children. Their presentation will be based on the notion of the relational city. Some focus will also be put on an ongoing project in a social housing district in Nanterre, with students from the “Projets culturels dans l’Espace Public” Masters program, aiming at the co-creation of a children’s café and surprising games. This conference is the start of a co-creation project that will take place in 2022 with students from Université Laval in Québec and Université Paris 1.


« PASSAGES INSOLITES and the OPENART Biennale in Örebro : when Sweden meets Quebec »

Wednesday, October 6th 2021 – 12 PM to 1 PM (conference in english)

Presentation of the public art event OPENART with Sofia Gustafsson, Coordinator of the biennale, followed by a conversation with swedish artists Ulrika Sparre and STYRELSEN FÖR STOR KONST.

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