Bebar (France/Spain)


Bebar’s art practice straddles the line between the spontaneity of graffiti and academic mastery, between figuration and abstraction. His “bebarbaries”—all-over compositions with cartoon-like features—have been the subject of solo exhibitions in the cities that inspire him, from Paris and New York to Rio de Janeiro and Havana.

Crédits photo Jesaja Hizkia

Estefan (Belgium)

With a background in advertising, visual communications, typography, and design, Stéphane Remond creates paintings and murals using geometric abstractions in flat colours. These freestyle, spontaneous compositions with architectural structures are inspired by the urban environments of the artist’s home.

Izabelle Duguay (Montreal)

Izabelle Duguay focuses on the effects of scale and colours in her compositions, and on the existing connections between natural and urban forms. She has completed more than forty murals. Izabelle has worked as an artist and educator with the organization MU for over seven years, and has also worked with creative agencies such as MassivArt, Artgang and La Centrale des Artistes.

Crédits photo Bruno Destombes

Patrick Forchild (Quebec)

Building on his background as a graffiti artist, Patrick Forchild has expanded his art practice to blend painting and photography over the past two decades. He has created many local murals and graffiti pieces, led cultural mediation projects in Quebec, and participated in festivals and exhibitions in Mexico, Brazil, and France.


MC Grou (Quebec)

Muralist Marie-Claude Grou has been leaving her mark on the urban landscape for a decade with her stencils. Her pictorial universe exudes optimism—a persistent dream of beautifying our cities. She is behind a number of murals in Quebec City, and has lent her skills to multiple cultural mediation, public outreach, and community engagement projects.


Jarus (Regina/Toronto)

Emmanuel Jarus has risen to international renown for his large-scale figurative portraits in a classical realist style. His interest in the human experience shines through in his mural depictions of individuals representative of the urban communities in which he paints. He has taken part in major festivals including the Vancouver Mural Festival, DC Walls Festival, and the Wonderwalls Festival in Port Kembla, Australia.

Sam Laloux (Belgium)

The murals of painter and graffiti artist Samuel Laloux combine Pop Art references and spontaneous tagging. In the manner of Roy Lichtenstein, he uses elements of advertising imagery and popular culture to create scenes inspired by comics.

Crédits photo Sam Laloux

Leiga (Brésil)

Jack Neto, aka Leiga, has been creating graffiti since 1999 and works in many other creative fields including visual arts, fashion, illustration, and digital media. His pictorial style has an abstract bent, with wavy, loose forms and vibrant colours. He has participated in the 3a Bienal Internacional Graffiti Fine Art and the Super Nova Festival in São Paulo.

Medianeras (Argentina/Spain)

Analí Chanquia and Vanessa Galdeano make up Medianeras, which means “party walls” in Spanish, referring to the walls shared by neighbouring buildings. With an inclusive vision of public art, they have beautified the urban landscapes of more than 30 cities with their trompe l’oeil murals.

Démosthène Stellas (Belgium)

Demosthenes Stellas’ monumental frescoes are composed of interlacing vegetal and organic imagery painted onto the facades of European cities. He is the spokesperson for Drash, a multidisciplinary collective in Namur that works in all image-based forms, including video.

Christophe St-Onge Aubut et Nicolas Chalifour (Quebec)

Quebec City graffiti artists join forces to create a mural at the confluence of tagging and street art. For years, the pillars under the highway ramps of the Îlot Fleuri have been home to a subculture of skilled street artists operating outside the official art world and decorating the city’s concrete surfaces with their colourful compositions.

Crédits photo Street art in action

Cyrielle Tremblay (Quebec/Mexico)

Cyrielle Tremblay builds dreamlike worlds comprised of equal parts memory, poetry, humour, and absurdity. She has participated in various international mural painting festivals and events, and has exhibited her work, including photography and installations, in Mexico, Colombia, and Canada.

PACHA (Quebec)

By interpreting the landscape and the anthropomorphic territory, PACHA creates colorimetric and geometric metamorphoses that integrate the viewer into the artistic work, involving them in a multidimensional and reflexive sensory experience that questions and reconstructs the ecumene in their subconscious. collective Mural


On August 20, 1980, at 8:20 p.m., in Quebec City, Canada, on Earth, professional visual artist Alex Cyr SORK was born! Illustrator, graphic designer, painter and graffiti artist for almost 30 years, he is also a great appreciator of the lightness of life, absurd humour and the depths of the mind and mysteries of the universe. Through his enigmatic / surreal / dark / colourful / dramatic style, Sork’s works aim to touch the viewer’s deepest emotions, tell a story, send a message, take the mind on a journey or simply please the eye!

Crédit photo Alex Cyr Sork


Pascal Beaumier, known by his pseudonym Puffy, is a Quebec City-born artist who also spent part of his childhood in Thetford Mines. His introduction to art began at the age of 13 with his first graffiti works. But it was after studying visual arts at Cégep de Limoilou that his artistic career really took off. Puffy has a varied artistic practice, oscillating between classical painting, graffiti, silver (35mm and 120mm) and digital photography. Although her work is resolutely contemporary, she draws her inspiration from the great masters of art history.


Originally from Quebec City, the artist known as Kolis has always been fascinated by street art. From an early age, his bold pencil strokes left their mark on everything from his bedroom to a school desk. Today, his work has evolved, but his love of art has remained constant. Since 2020, Kolis has been lucky enough to work with talented artists, who have taught him how to master the can and the rudiments of graffiti.

Dime One

Born in 1984, this artist was introduced to mural painting at an early age before exploring academic art at Université Laval. In 2011, he swapped his studies for tattooing. A family death in 2020 brought him back to his first artistic love, graffiti, with renewed devotion. He now juggles tattooing, painting and graffiti. His artistic signature fuses various styles – pop-up, graphic design, cartoon, 3D, organic, portraits and realism – and remains in constant evolution, always with a distinctive attention to detail.


Adik has been passionate about graffiti since he met Sork in 1999, and quickly adopted the spray can as his main tool. From his background in public address to his specialisation in IT and security, he has always sought to fuse creativity with technical expertise. Today, he deploys his skills by painting daily, earning the affectionate nickname of ‘the technician’ among his peers.Adik does not seek fame. On the contrary, he devotes himself to accompanying new artists, providing them with artistic and entrepreneurial support. His ambition: to add colour to the world, one wall at a time.

Crédits photo Jesaja Hizkia

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